studio mad dash part 2:

After the warm reception my first tugen jer piece received from locals, i decided that i should continue the series with two more.. the pattern i used for the first is one of my favorite embroidery themes from wall hangings- a series of stars that hails back to communist days and is a reminder of the fantastic malleability of kazakh designs- in their ability to fit both different shapes and different visual trends (which keeps the embroidery practice not only interesting, but very much a living creature).

Here is the first:

and the second:

for these pieces i managed to snag an Austrian friend and fellow traveller Philipp as an assistant (perhaps somewhat in repayment for having patched up his bleeding cheekbone from a recent bar fight (granted he got into the fight in the first place defending me from an insanely drunk man who had stolen my beer…) or perhaps just because he’s spectacularly nice… and had very little to do with his time).


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