Halloween… Mongol-style!

so, to make up for the fact that I had an utterly bum halloween last year (consisting of me dressed as a Day of the Dead cabaret singer drinking a beer at the bar down the block) i decided to make this year’s halloween a carnival extraordinaire… namely, i just really wanted an excuse to have a costumed dance party… and make a roadkill cake (which i’ve been thinking about doing for years now). and, in honor of being in mongolia, naturally the roadkill must be a marmot!!

so, alex and i decided to throw a party and spent the day crafting delightfully creepy edibles which included:

olive-spider topped deviled eggs:

chocolate-covered oreos with icing spider webs:

‘bloody’ jello shots (see bottom left):

and of course the marmot!! (complete with hazard sign… because yes, mongolia is the last place on earth where you can still get the bubonic plague.. damn marmots):

close-up of marmot ribs/ guts/ maggots

as for costuming… thanks to a stroke of genius from the brilliant Alex… me, Alex and another fulbrighter Teresa decided to go as nesting Russian dolls!!! (myself being the big one, with the help of some obnoxiously tall heels) however unfortunately for me, whereas Alex and Teresa look charming in their colorful babuska get-ups, everyone agreed that i looked like a large, somewhat unsuccessfully gender-bending and poorly dressed babuska transvestite…:


at least the other two looked cute! :

though looking like a hot mess of a Russian drag queen aside, I was able to (perhaps more successfully) help with some other costumes this year… including doing Badmaa’s make-up to be an angel of death:

and, (with the help of Nina and Taylor’s old sleeping bag).. Manus’s Mongolian death worm costume!! which might possibly be my favorite Halloween costume… ever. (for those of you unfamiliar with the myth of a large red acid-spitting worm from the Gobi.. here’s some info):

some other great costumes were Matt’s magpie (though one could argue he looked more like a blinged-out David Blane than a bird… sorry Alex!):

and Jasmine’s geisha costume (legit from Japan!):

Jasmine and her cousin Orgil

Jasmine and her cousin even added to the creepy edibles by bringing tombstones/ ghosts:

and hotdog/pasta ‘spiders’ that they invented themselves!:other ghoulish edibles included: slightly flattened but still creepy ‘severed fingers’ from Teresa:

and (though I regret lack of photos in this regard) ‘monster fingers’ made of peanut butter and jelly sandwich rolls, and ‘band-aids’ made with crackers, cheese and jelly… yummmm

though, if i do say so myself, the highlight was my marmot roadkill cake… even the cutting of it was exciting! :

I might even start a tradition of making a roadkill cake every year…

in the meantime… Happy Halloween!!


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