Homeland(s) Solo show

Things are winding down here in Mongolia, my grant time is quickly running short, and so as a culminating hoo-rah, I just had a solo show of all the work I’ve created during my Fulbright at the Red Ger Gallery (which is run by the Mongolian Arts Council)! The install was a bit, shall we say, interesting (as i couldn’t actually tape or pin anything into the walls and instead had to negotiate hanging everything from the ceiling via cables) but went pretty much without a hitch and resulted in (what i think anyways) was a beautiful show!

Here are some pics of the exhibition!:



in addition to just being great to see everything i’ve done all together in one show, the exhibition was really well received, initiated many interesting conversations with visitors, resulted in me being interviewed by the most ‘prestigious’ Mongolian magazine(?!) and even got me on TV! (crazy, right?) so, overall, I’d say it was quite a success!! 🙂 now to get the work shown in the states… !!

also, stay tuned for pics of my Mongolian magazine debut…!


3 thoughts on “Homeland(s) Solo show

  1. Also, Love the horse skull! What an awesome piece. When I settle down I need to commission you to paint a huge skull for me (I’m thinking elephant.) PS. I got a huge goat fur patch work quilt in Uganda that you would love, too bad it’s for me 🙂 Love?

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