I’m an artist, designer, humanitarian, and most recently: a 2012 Fulbright Research scholar to Mongolia!

For those of you whose ears I haven’t already bent: my project is to create a series of sculptures addressing the dynamic of Development and the confluence of modernization and nomadic traditions in contemporary Mongolia as observed in the context of a women’s felting co-operative. I will be learning felt-making with women’s co-ops and how to build gers (traditional nomadic housing, aka yurts) and incorporating said skills into my work- ideally into large-scale sculptures on the Mongolian steppe.

At least that’s the plan.

This blog is dedicated to my journey, my cultural mishaps, and (what I’m sure will be) my inordinate consumption of mutton fat. I hope it proves to be if not enlightening, at least mildly amusing.

With love,


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Hannah, have a great adventure! Museum here in NC just had a nice Genghis Khan exhibit we saw over the holidays. I had about 30 h in Seoul last year and wish it could have been longer-great street food, interesting crowds, and shops on a Saturday night.

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